Fishing Trips

This is probably the most amazing trips you will ever find in Red Sea and naval world.
Enjoy a professional fishing trip for all different kind of fish existing in this war water, perfect spots for Angeling and commercial fishing and sportsmen.  Here  you can rent a fishing boat with the crew and set sail for the period you want ( minimum 12 hours ) it can take up to 1 week in water for all types of fishing, Trolling, Popping, Jigging and Bass Fishing.
Fishing Trips can be Day or Night trip and always affected by the weather status, but as far as all the consideration when you think about booking such fishing trip you should know that you definitely will enjoy such atmosphere in the sea hunting for the unknown beasts that can bite on your sharp hooks .
Reserving and Booking a fishing trip is little complicated as it comes in variation of period and attributes added.
The fishing trip organization is set directly with Royal Safari manager for arranging the required Boat, period, gears and weather forecast.
however for booking in advance a reservation fees must be paid after contact with us about availability.
Royal Safari Hurghada Excursions Egypt Excursions Red Sea Snorkel Giftun Island diving desert safari royal safari egypt excursion Fishing

For Professional Fishing Trip Booking.
You need to contact with reservation required and specify information about desired trip.

  1. Date of trip :
  2. Time of trip and duration :
  3. Type of fishing method : Bass / Trolling / Popping / Jigging
  4. Fishing Equipments : Required or Not .
  5. Meals Options : preferred meals for the trip
  6. Choice of boats :
    Please Note Booking fishing trip reservation fees are (50% refundable), Make sure to contact us.

International Fishing Championship

Royal Safari Hurghada Excursions Egypt Excursions Red Sea Snorkel Giftun Island diving desert safari royal safari egypt excursion Fishing
Every year the Egyptian Angling Federation organizes an Internation fishing championship sets sail in Hurghada ports and lasts for 3 days in the open water and ends by judging the winners on the 4th day according to the sizes and quality of fishes caught also the technique used in fishing. The prizes are divided into several ranks and awards for each technique either Trolling, Jiggin & Popping or Bass fishing.
Also the federation organise 2 other occasionally competition for United Arab Organization of Fishing, and Egyptian Fishing contest.
All professional Sports men and anglers wait for the annually announcement of the championship to take part in it.
Royal Safari is taking part in championship regularly as a fishing team and also as a sponsor for the event in Egypt, we organize the joining and reservation of the boats and registration of the teams interested in such unique event.
Follow our news for the announcement of the event and you contact us for registration and reservation in International Fishing Championship