Span Coin FAQ

What is span Coin?
Span Coin is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain as ICO for Spanvent company.

What is Spanvent?
Spanvent is a music and events agency with smart web application platform.

Where is it geographically?
Spanvent is not restricted to any part of the world, the service will be available internationally. however marketing campaign will take turns in different countries.

What do you get in ICO?
Span Coin implementing bonus during ICO for 25% more coins in addition to a referal program with 10% bonus.

Why buy Span Coins ?
Span Coin is standing for project funding and company foundation of Spanvent, However Span Coin is entitled to give holder of the coin profit dividends.

How is dividends calculated?
Spanvent is real world business partially involved in blockchain, after few months of live project, Profit made by the company will be added to Smart Contract and announcment of profit withdrawal period will be announced on this website.

What's the use of Span Coin?
Span Coin is by itself a tradable coin in exchanges and market or you can transfer it to others, However Span Coin will be excessively used in Spanvent website to pay for products and services.

What are the products and services?
Products and Services on Spanvent will vary in categories and prices will be decided according to market coin rate starting from 10$ per coin(estimated price after 3 months of release).

Are there any extra fees?
No, you purchase Coins according to Rate and you are ready to go(trade-sell-buy- or pay on spanvent website).

What is the idea of Span Coin ICO and its connection with Spanvent?
Span Coin is first of its kind in the Crypto currency world, as the coin is considered a stock share holder, meaning that when you have Span Coins you will be considred investor in the company thus you are entitled to claim profit when released.

What are the rules for Dividends (profit) made?

A) You must own more than 500,000 Coins to be eligable for profit claiming which is 1% of total coins released

B) Times allowed for profit withdrawal will be announced on website, you cannot withdraw prior or after the dates limit

C) You Coins will be frozen from sending to other wallets or accounts until withdrawal deadline is over, However you can still pay products and buy more Coins during that period

I would like to work for Span Coin.
Span Company is always looking for talent and vacancies are shown on our Team careers page..

Have More Questions ?
Don't hesitate to send us a mail at careers page..